List of Holocaust films -

A Timeline of the Holocaust: A superb timeline of important dates in the gradual implementation and radicalization of the "Final Solution." The dates proceed from 1931 to 1961 (the trial of Eichamnn) and include links to historical photographs and explanatory information.

List of Extermination Camps: The links on this page provide detailed information about the extermination camps, including a number of historical photographs.

List of Concentration Camps: The links on this page provide detailed information about concentration camps, distinguished from "extermination camps" because they did not have gas chambers. A number of these existed within Germany proper.

List of Camps: This is another, even more detailed listing of concentration and extermination camps in Europe during the Nazi period. Links include detailed maps and historical photographs.

Slide Show of Birkenau and Mauthausen: This is a very good slide show put together by Alan Jacobs. It walks you through these camps and explains the individual images (including some historical documents). You will here see again a number of the images offered by Claude Lanzmann in his Shoah.

A Normal Day in the Camps: An effort to imagine a typical day in a concentration camp.

Abe's Story: An interactive map documenting Abram Korn's progress in Nazi-occupied Europe over the course of the Nazi period. This site allows you to imagine yourself following one person's experience of the Final Solution.

Last Expression: Art from the Holocaust: Superb web site, which includes art, essays, maps, and virtual tours.
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